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Silicon Soft is committed to providing high quality solutions, products and services to individuals, startups and company scale businesses. We endeavour to provide quality design, high security and ongoing support to meet your requirements.


We provide solutions compatible with, and for different platforms including OS, mobile, cloud, etc.


We have teamed up with highly qualified professionals internationally, to provide customised solutions and services with highly competitive pricing. We also offer various discount packages and free consultation sessions.


The world is becoming increasingly digitalised. In order for businesses to get ahead and succeed; creativity and innovation need to be combined with technology. At Silicon Soft, we help individuals and businesses to get into the digital world, enhance their performance and thrive. Designing and implementing of websites, web applications, mobile applications and desktop software are only a few of all the solutions and services that Silicon Soft provides. We also have a close relationship with startups. So, if you have an idea but you are not a technical person or you are unsure about how to implement it, don’t worry, we are here to do the hard work for you. Finally, the relationships that we make with our customers are of very high value to us. Together we can face the challenges and celebrate the victories.

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Our Services


Website Design

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Mobile Applications

Mobile Applications Development, for more Information click



Web Application Design and Development,for more click



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Content Management Systems ,for more Information click


Content Providing

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Social Media

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Our Startup Programs

Silicon Soft Group Helps dreams Come True. Maybe your Current Idea Is The Next Billion Dollar Business. We will Be By Your Side In This Journey.

Discount Packages ( DP )

Protect period (More than 3 months,6 months,... ) -Up to 10%

Referral programs - Up to 10%

Occasional discounts(New year,...) -Up to 5%

Project novelty -Up to 4%

Full project( Website + Android + iOS + ... ) -Up to 10%

After project support -ONE YEAR FREE

And much more...

Partial-Investment Program ( PiP )

Very competitive

Big discount on project implementation

Taking equity ( 10% more or less )

Help you with design and provide technology advises,...

Mentoring, business advises, logo design,...

Help you to move to the next stage( Fundraising,go to market , ... )

And much more...

Special Offers for Startups

Bring Your Ideas To Life

Together we can discuss the best technology strategies you need to develop your business.

We offer competitive pricing and high quality solutions to startups to help them launch their dreams.

We provide all sorts of technologies to help launch your business in digital world.


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